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Post Info TOPIC: The Rotary-Wing Blacklist: Fake Rotorcraft Types


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Date: Jun 23, 2020
The Rotary-Wing Blacklist: Fake Rotorcraft Types

This is an attempt at an exhaustive yet developing list of fake rotorcraft types that have shown up in various forms of media, believed to be real designs but have later been disproven. Listed in alphabetical order. I will also attempt to track down their origin as well. Any help you can offer here would be appreciated.


Aérospatiale F-0104-91 Canard Helicopter

  • Origin: April Fools joke featured in Trait d'Union magazine #136, March-April 1991.

Fuujin Attack Helicopter

  • Origin: DeviantArt (artist Ridwan Chandra Choa / MeganeRid); Web site for the Chinese newspaper Global Times accidentally mistook the design as an actual project for the Japanese Self-Defense Force.


  • Origin: April Fools' Day video produced as a viral marketing campaign by Hotelicopter, a now defunct hotel search site, in 2009.

Kamov Ka-58 "Black Ghost"

  • Origin: Model kit from Zvezda LLC, also appears in the game Act of War: High Treason. The confusion revolving around it being a real project is based on the fact that it was made under licence from Kamov. They possibly consulted in the design as well, but this is unconfirmed.


(More to follow)


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Date: Jun 23, 2020

Ambitious endeavor Sting x3

some more... Russian Winicki light helicopter, Mi-37 Tungus, Mi-24SO "Mishka"

the last two get passed as real types a lot on the internet but are only what-if models.


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