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Post Info TOPIC: Russia - Leading the way in future military technology?

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Date: Sep 19, 2013
Russia - Leading the way in future military technology?

I wasnt sure where to post this becasue it contains aspects of armour, infantry, robotics and aerospace.

Recently russia has announced several miltary projects way ahead of their time. Russia's Ecenomic boom and military industry has enable russia to produce mass ammounts of armaments and has made the country one of the worlds largest arms distributers to foreign Armies around the world.

Some of these projects proposed by the russian military include a lightweight synthetic body armour stonger then kevlar which may be fielded by as soon as 2016 and a possible robotic soldiers as soon as 2020.

Russia is also currently leading the way in aviation with the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA about to finish its evaluation there are already developments for an unmanned 6th generation fighter (the first of its kind currently in development) based on the cancelled Mikoyan Skat UCAV.

The russian army is also planning to start development and testing of a new MBT know as the T-99 which is currently in the design process and is hoped to be in active service by 2015, the T-99 will be lighter and more manouverable that the cancelled Object 195 project (T-95) alos adding th the fact that the T-99 will be a radica change to the current familiar russian tank design with a tall, large boxy turret instead of a rouned turret that distingishes russian MBT's.



T-99 concept



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