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Post Info TOPIC: Top 10 All-Time Favorite Films?

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Date: Mar 2, 2010
Top 10 All-Time Favorite Films?
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As for me...
1.) Titanic

2.) Pulp Fiction

3.) Stand by Me

4.) Toy Story

5.) Avatar (Extended Cut)

6.) Harry Potter

7.) The Dark Knight

8.) Finding Nemo

9.) Legend of the Guardians

10.) The Town

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Date: Mar 2, 2010
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This is my sci-fi list so far. I'll add more later...

1.) Alien (franchise, not including Alien Ressurection and AVP movies)

2.) Terminator (franchise, mostly the first two. The third one not so much, and its a good chance that I might not like the new one. I'm not a big fan of flashy CGI. I didn't like the series as much either, but I watched it anyway because my favorite actress Summer Glau was in it.)

3.) Independence Day

4.) The Matrix (franchise, although I haven't seen the Animatrix series yet and I look forward to.)

5.) Star Wars (franchise, mostly the older movies)

6.) Mimic (Only the first movie. The two sequels were absolutely terrible)

7.) Tremors (mostly the first three movies, including the cancelled TV series )

8.) Wing Commander

9.) Serenity (Including the cancelled TV series "Firefly", again its a favorite also because Summer Glau is in it.)

10.) Pitch Black (Only the first movie. The Chronicles of Riddick and Dark Fury are okay, but its a little too drastic in a genre change from sci-fi horror to sci-fi action.)

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Date: Aug 8, 2010
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this is sort of a rough list, because I'm easy to please

1) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

2) Indiana Jones series

3) Eragon

4) Pirates of the carribean series

5) Star Trek (the new one actually turned me into a Trekkie)

6) Get Smart

7) The Rock (also had a really great theme song)

8) Journey to the Center of the Earth (okay, I'll watch ANY movie Brendan Frasier is in)

9) The Mummy series

10) RV



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Date: Jul 22, 2012
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I really need to update my list:


1.) Alien

2.) Apocalypse Now: Redux

3.) Iron Eagle

4.) Aliens

5.) Alien 3

6.) Rambo: First Blood Part II

7.) Independence Day (ID4)

8.) Steamboy

9.) Moon 44

10.) Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

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Date: Jul 24, 2012
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^Same here...

1.) Pulp Fiction

2.) Avatar

3.) Stand By Me

4.) GoodFellas

5.) Toy Story

6.) Harry Potter

7.) The Dark Knight Rises

8.) The Dark Knight

9.) Batman Begins

10.) Forrest Gump


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Date: Sep 2, 2012
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1.) The Hurt locker
2.) Independance day
3.) Blackhawk Down
4.) Restrepo
5.) Avatar
6.) Abraham Lincoln: Vapire Hunter
7.) Letters from Iwo Jima
8.) Iron Sky
9.) Battleship
10.) Iron Eagle


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